Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So, just a cry of joy for the end of the semester! It has been tough, it has been great, it has been a revelation, it has been a desperation...all you expect and more. With 35 more paintings in my drawers, at least 5 portfolio-worthy pieces, one entry in the Winter Show and two entries in the Fall Show...can you wish for more? I have lots of plans for the intersession, lots of work to be done, lots of administrative stuff to take care of (more submissions, blog, portfolio, websites, etc...), lots of decision taken and many more to take...life is good. Will hopefully be able to talk about it in more detail, as I think some of the things coming up will be very exciting.

So this semester I had FA616-Portrait Painting and ILL607-Situation and Environment. Both great courses, though with plus and minuses, and will deserve separate entries in due time.
In the meantime, enjoy what I believe to be my best painting this semester (by a narrow margin).

Winter Giulia
Oil on linen
30"x 24"

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