Friday, June 1, 2012


The brief for this self-imposed assignment read: "At least four monochromatic studies of ethnic heads (inuit, aborigine, maori, etc..). Dry media on toned paper." I cannot use them for portfolio or anything because I do not own the reference photos, but I hope it will be forgiven if I post them only once here. These studies are A4 sized and very fast to do, about 1h each or less. As soon as I started looking for reference I realized the scope of this training exercise: age, sex, race, expression, characterization....One could go on for a lifetime!

Classical sanguine and white pastel. Raatiraore (on the left) from Tahiti is one of the people interviewed in the fantastic book "Six Billion Others", which I warmly recommend to anyone interested in faces, people or the human race in general. The text below is an extract from his interview.

This are experiments with dark grey and white PanPastel. I liked the result, especially in the rendering of fur, so I did two of them.

These two ladies from Haiti did not really fit the brief (I know there is another assignment in the box that would fit them better), but I liked their expression. I do not think they turned out very well, especially because both had a difficult lighting and the color of the paper is wrong. I was taught that with monochromatic drawing on toned paper, the value of the paper should be halfway between your darkest dark and your lightest light. In both of these the paper is too light for the color scheme used.

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