Thursday, June 7, 2012


I struggled a lot with this piece and it was incredibly frustrating. It was intended as a first experiment in digital photo-collage, but after three hours of work I realized I would never get where I wanted with the photos I had. While I was thinking when and where to schedule another photo session, I said to myself: I want to be an illustrator, not a photographer - so draw the stupid thing. Up to the initial sketch all went fine, then I had the brilliant idea to experiment with vectors...Ok, I realize it is not impossible to learn how to deal with them, but after the first attempts I estimated this would take the best part of my next five to ten studio slots. I know this is important and I will have to learn it at some point, but maybe that is not what I want to do right now. So I re-rasterized everything and went on from that.
It did not turn out as planned, although I do not dislike it...and I still like the concept, so maybe I will do another version one day. 
The big blank area is intended for lettering - I want to use this as an imaginary book cover for an imaginary book which somebody should bother to write entitled: "Managing Men: A Guide for Women".

The Portable Man - Digital

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